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Large Capacity Centrifuge

Model 8730
Model 8730

Model 9920
Model 9920

Model 9942
Model 9942


Hematocrit & Immuno Hematology Centrifuge

Model 3220
Model 3220

Model KA-2200


Ultrasonic Generator

Model 201M



About Us


About Us

Company Outline

How to Find Us!! KUBOTA is a leading laboratory centrifuge manufacturing company in Japan. Based on its long history and close relationship with its customers, KUBOTA has the deepest level of understanding of the centrifuge market not only in Japan but world-wide. Using its advanced technologies and expertise, Kubota has provided customers with new products and innovative functions such as automatic rotor identification function. As this case shows, KUBOTA continues to provide the highest degree of satisfaction for its customers.

KUBOTA manufactures its products at the factory in Fujioka, which has become ISO9001 certified since 1996, and distributes through ten sales branches covering the whole area of Japan.

In addition, KUBOTA collaborate with more than twenty distributors in over fifteen countries. KUBOTA has been building a constructive and win-win relationship with these companies.

29-9 Hongo 3-chome, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0033, Japan
tel : +81 3 3815 1331
fax : +81 3 3814 2574

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 Japan is now under COVID-19 state of emergency, and KUBOTA's employees are working from home at the moment, which might cause some delay in daily operations.

 It would be grateful if you could send the following email address if you want to contact with us.

         Contact us email address

 Thank you for your understanding!

Partner Companies

A wide variety of products, from tabletop centrifuge or micro refrigerated centrifuge to high-capacity centrifuge or high speed refrigerated centrifuge, allow KUBOTA to meet whatever customers' requirements.

Moreover, KUBOTA has been importing the products of partner companies, such as Miele And Christ.KUBOTA distributes them all over Japan, exploiting its sales teams and understanding of customers and market.




KUBOTA Manufacturing Corporation

April 1920 Kubota Yonezo Co. was founded as a private firm in Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
January 1940 Moved to Nishi-Sugamo, Toshima-ku, Tokyo, Japan. (Presently Higashi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo, Japan
March 1941 Re-organized into a Corporation (Company)
March 1962 Sales department separated and transferred to Kubota Corporation.
October 1991 Factory in FujiokaNew factory constructed in Fujioka City, Gunma Pref., old facilities moved there and new operation started.
March 1996 ISO9001The Fujioka factory became ISO9001 certified.

KUBOTA Corporation

March 1962 Sales department of KUBOTA Manufacturing Corporation was separated and newly re-organized to KUBOTA Corporation. Already opened branch offices in Osaka and Fukuoka of KUBOTA Manufacturing Corporation were combined into KUBOTA Corporation.
October 1965 Sapporo office was opened.
July 1967 Nagoya office was opened.
January 1969 Hiroshima office was opened.
April 1969 Sendai office was opened.
March 1973 Niigata office was opened.
June 1976 Exhibited at AHEMA trade show in Frankfurt and started to export the products all over the world.
October 1975 Matsuyama (Shikoku) office was opened.
February 1994 Tsukuba office was opened.

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