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Large Capacity Centrifuge

Model 8730
Model 8730

Model 9920
Model 9920

Model 9942
Model 9942


Hematocrit & Immuno Hematology Centrifuge

Model 3220
Model 3220

Model KA-2200


Ultrasonic Generator

Model 201M



Ultrasonic Generator

Model 201M

> Download 201M Brochure

  • The 201M is ideal for a wide range of applications including breakdown of bacteria, microorganisms and cells, vaccine manufacturing and extraction of superficial antigens.


  • Output
  • 0-200W

  • Values
  • 0-200W (continucusly variable)

  • Frequency
  • 9,000Hz (with sync. adjustment)

  • Standard Treatment Vessel
  • For treatment of 10-100mL specimen

  • Micro Treatment Vessel
  • Adaptors provided for treatment of specimens less than 3mL and 3-10mL

  • Cooling System
  • Water cooling (water/ethanol, etc. mixtures can be used)

  • Timer
  • 0 to 30 minutes, with HOLD and electric timer

  • Electrical Rating
  • AC100V110V/115V/120V-6.5A, 50/60Hz
    AC200V220V/230V/240V-3.5A, 50/60Hz

  • Dimensions
  • Ultrasonic Generator :
    24(W)x 45(D)x 44(H) cm
    Ultrasonic Treatment Console :
    16(W)x16(D)x 40(H) cm
    Soundproof box  :
    28(W)x 28(D)x 50(H) cm

  • Net Weight
  • Ultrasonic Generator 32kg
    Ultrasonic Treatment Console 7kg (including oscillator and treatment vessel)
    Soundproof box 8kg

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