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Large Capacity Centrifuge

Model 8730
Model 8730

Model 9920
Model 9920

Model 9942
Model 9942


Hematocrit & Immuno Hematology Centrifuge

Model 3220
Model 3220

Model KA-2200


Ultrasonic Generator

Model 201M



News Release


News Release

* Fight against COVID-19

Best configurations of centrifuges for RT-PCR test announced.

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19 May, 2020

We finally created a facebook account in commemoration of our 100th anniversary.

Like our page so you could keep your eyes on our valuable information and the activities.

KUBOTAFacebook Page!

1 April, 2020

New centrifuges, S300 series and PlateSpin3 to be released!

S300 series and PlateSpin3 centrifuges have been successfully announced, taking over our best-seller models: 2420, 2800 and PlateSpin II.
These models have new features and benefits such as "2-Second Imbalance Detector", "Mixed-loading buckets" and "3-year warranty".

> Benchtop Centrifuge - S300T
> Benchtop Refrigerated Centrifuge - S300TR
> Benchtop Centrifuge - PlateSpin3

Multipurpose Centrifuge S300 Series and PlateSpin3

1 July, 2019

Renewaled website !!

We have renewaled our website - it's more clean and easy to find the products you look for. Please inform us of any points of concern (spelling mistakes or omissions, broken links and other errors) that you notice regarding this website by clicking here. Any comments sent to us will be used for future reference.

12 Nov, 2012

PF-206 & RMP-206

New Plate rotors, PF-206 & RMP-206 now on sale!!

PF-206 for 3740 & 6200, RMP-206 for 2420 & 2800
Max rpm : 4,000 rpm
Max RCF : 1,790 xg
*RF-23 & RMP-23 has been descontinued and these rotors are the replacement.

14 June, 2012

New buckets

New buckets 053-4930, the replacement for 053-5850.

053-4930: Tube Rack for 16x5-10mL Blood Collection Tubes /15mL (glass)

1 May, 2012

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