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Large Capacity Centrifuge

Model 8620
Model 8620

Model 8730
Model 8730

Model 9920
Model 9920

Model 9942
Model 9942


Plate Centrifuge

PlateSpin II
PlateSpin II

Hematocrit & Immuno Hematology Centrifuge

Model 3220
Model 3220

Model KA-2200


Ultrasonic Generator

Model 201M


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Discontinued Item

Hematocrit & Immuno Hematology Centrifuge - Model 3200


Micro Hematocrit Centrifuge

Model 3200


  • The 3200 gives you exceptional versatility, able to accept three different rotors.


  • Max. Speed
  • (Hematocrit/Micro tube) 12,000rpm,
    (15mL) 4,000rpm

  • Max. RCF
  • (Hematocrit) 15,000xg,
    (Micro tube) 13,200xg,
    (15mL) 2,100xg

  • Max. Capacity
  • [HT rotor] (Hematocrit)*1 30pc's,
    [HT/15 rotor](Hematocrit)*1 24pc's (15mL)*2 4pc's,
    [Micro rotor] 24x2mL

  • Dimensions, Weight
  • 32 x 39 x 27 cm (WxDxH), 19kg

  • Power Requirements
  • [Single phase]
    AC 100-120V±10%, 50/60Hz, 10A
    AC 200-230V±10%, 50/60Hz, 6A

Typical Rotors, Accessories

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